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For guests of and for all those who are interested in visiting the island of Fuerteventura I propose to visit our island without a car and in this blog I give you all the information I know to move around the north and especially through Corralejo, Lajares and Cotillo and above all reach many beaches without the need to rent a car.

Once you arrive on the island, whether you arrive by boat or by plane, the Tiadhe bus company will allow you to access the most important towns on the island. Near the ports of Morro Jable, Puerto del Rosario and Corralejo, and also at the Matorral Airport you will find a bus stop, or bus as here we call the buses, of the Tiadhe company that allows you to communicate with the rest of the island . In the link you will find the routes and schedules to organize your visit.

If you arrive by plane you will find the bus stop at the exit of the Airport, in the street almost opposite the international arrivals gate. To get to Corralejo from the airport it is necessary to take two buses, the first from the airport to the central station of Puerto del Rosario, bus 03, and from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo, bus 06.

The need to have to change buses makes us waste some time, although this need does not divert us from the straightest route, but we must always

waste a few minutes to wait for the second bus. This circumstance becomes more inconvenient when we make the journey in reverse and we go to the airport to take our flight to return home, I mean that arriving on time to the airport is essential to not miss the flight, so the lack of security to When calculating at what time the airport can be reached due to the need to wait in the central station of Puerto del Rosario for the bus to take us to the airport with the possibility that this bus arrives with some delay, etc. ... it does not suit us greatly. That is why there is a private shuttle company that makes the route between the Airport and Corralejo directly and with a safe schedule. Its price is around one euro per person more expensive than the bus.

If you decide to hire this shuttle service I must make three recommendations, here you have the link to make the reservation online since it cannot be done when you arrive at the airport, also and more importantly it should be Book as soon as possible because it is full and above all it must be booked 48 hours in advance for the reservation to be accepted, and finally explain that as you will understand soon, we are on an island and as in most of the islands things work with more calm, and that is what you will need to have, I say it because although the route that goes from Corralejo to the Airport the schedules are fulfilled since the company is aware of the responsibility of ensuring the arrival in time to the airport, in the journey that Going from the Airport to Corralejo I have been able to verify that sometimes the client must wait more than 40 minutes to be picked up, so if you have any urgency or

You must arrive in Corralejo at a certain time. You must talk to the company and demand that they leave on time, luck and calm.

To get to the Ohana Guest House I attach a link with the pertinent explanations to get easily

Once in Corralejo and willing to visit our magnificent beaches I inform you that with the same bus company you can access several of them, perhaps the most emblematic and you will only have to walk to access some a little further from the bus stops bus

Undoubtedly, the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo houses the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura and the north of the island. To reach the beaches of the Dunes

From Corralejo it will be necessary to go to the stop that is closest to our Ohana Guest House located in the water park, the Acua Water Park

located on the main avenue of the city and that is about 700 meters from our house. The exact address is Avenida Nuestra Señora del Carmen corner of Minerva street, just in front of the water park that can be seen almost from all of Corralejo. There we must take the bus 06 that runs along the Avenida Grnades Playas de Corralejo towards Puerto del Rosario and stops at the Hotele Riu stop, There at the stop

Of the Riu Hotels, from there you have three options, there is a beach that is located to the left of the hotel closest to Corralejo that beach is called La Entubadera and has a very cool beach bar with a view of Isla de Lobos and Lanzarote spectacular, so as the paradisiacal characteristics of the beaches of Las Dunas,, crystal clear blue water and white jable sand. Another alternative is the beach that is between the two hotels, we call it a beach between hotels, it is a beach with less waves and especially with less wind that is regularly visited by local families for the comfort of children, beach bars, hammocks, umbrellas and lifeguards. The other alternative is to walk beyond the second hotel with direction to Puerto del Rosario, you can walk hours with many paradisiacal and lonely beaches, the problem is that then you have to return to the hotels stop to return home, so save your strength .

From the Ohana Guest House you can walk to the beach of Flag Beach which is the first and closest beach to Corralejo. From the house there will be about 2km and

You will recognize her by the kites in the air and a white container on the beach with surfer-style flags. Here there are also hammocks, beach bar and umbrellas, few people and wonderful views.

Also walking from the Ohana Guest House you have the beaches of the town center, these are not so impressive in terms of the paradisiaca beach standards because they have more rocks and stones although they are very comfortable to reach and have all the restaurant services, etc. ..

If you want to visit the magnificent beaches of El Cotillo and its fishing village, you have to take bus 08 that goes from Corralejo to El Cotillo. I pass you a link of my

explanations and information on what to do and what to see on the beaches of El Cotillo

You can also go to visit the incomparable Isla de Lobos with a water taxi that is caught in the port of Corralejo for what I leave a link with all the information

Another way to get to know the Island is by renting a bicycle, there are countless rental shops throughout the town, if you need information and since I have not yet

written about these stores do not hesitate to write me and I will help you in whatever you need.



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We hope that this small contribution of will help you to organize your vacation in Fuerteventura

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