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Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

For guests of Ohana Guest House and all those who are interested in starting a surf course or want to come to enjoy our Erasmus Surf Camp, Uni Surf Camp y Fuerteventura Surf Camp for the first time I want to inform you of several details that are very important and that if you know it before you start They will help you to better understand the activity you are going to do and above all so that you arrive perfectly prepared, which is undoubtedly something that most do not do.

It is necessary to think that nobody arrives prepared to make the physical effort that a surf course requires. It is not a titanic effort, nor risky but if you do not come with the homework done you will suffer more the stiffness since your body will never be prepared to do this activity until you have not been surfing for a while and working a muscle that the beginner does not even know that exists.

Students who arrive with a good muscle level will not suffer so much but still have to go through an adaptation process and that leads to a few days with many stiffness, for those who do not have a good muscle level it will be even more difficult.

Everyone who comes from other sports such as those who do not do much sports will know they have new muscles that they had never used or met. And that is why it would be very important and interesting that you do some exercises prior to your arrival and may be a few weeks before.

Following these tips will allow you to enjoy the courses better, be more willing to spend the 4 hours of the course every day and get up the next day with strength and without so many laces. The courses are already absolutely designed and in Erasmus Surf Camp, Uni Surf Camp y Fuerteventura Surf Camp as in your school we take this detail into account so we schedule the days according to the maritime conditions so that we can take advantage of low tides which allows you to walk in the water until get to the pot, without having to be rowing all the time since that would not be possible. Not everyone takes into account this fundamental detail so that students are comfortable in learning but even taking it into account it would be convenient to prepare before coming.

There are many videos on where they explain what you should do to prepare and even these proposed exercises you can use not only when you come for the first time but also when you are already an expert surfer but that you will surf from time to time since the body will also need to be prepared.

Swimming is a good way to prepare but it is not the most concrete since the movements, although they are similar, the force is performed in slightly different positions and the swimmer does not need to move more than his body instead the furfist also moves his board.

For that reason and so that you have an exact idea of ​​what you should work before coming, I pass you a video that I found that gives you a good base for surfing.

Anyway, all those who come to take courses leave with a good level of learning if they want to learn because in the end anyone who only knows how to swim can get to get an optimal level with these courses.

For any questions do not hesitate to write to me as it will be a real pleasure to help those who wish to start this incredible sport.


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