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Actualizado: 7 feb 2021

Most of the guests of our Ohana Guest House arrive by public transport from the airport or port of Corralejo.

The public transport network is enough to move around the island although with some limitations of a small island. That is why if you are thinking about knowing the whole island and therefore you want to travel from north to south I recommend the public transport network but only in case you have many days of vacation since if your visit to the island is short it would be Convenient to assess the possibility of renting a car that will allow you to make the long journeys of the longest island of the Canary Islands with greater comfort. You should also know that there are many places that are not accessible by public transport because the bus network reaches the main towns of the island but does not reach all points of interest. Public transport is cheap but if you have a few days and want to visit all the interesting places I would recommend renting a car and more when the prices are much cheaper than anywhere in Europe, check the prices and you will see.

If you cannot rent a car and want to move around Corralejo and visit some interesting places nearby, public transport will bring you to El Cotillo, Lajares, of course it takes you to Puerto del Rosario and from there to the airport.

The detail that you should consider is that Corralejo is a small town but quite elongated. This is a problem because from end to end there are more than 35 minutes walking.

If you do not have a car you would have to consider whether it is worth walking all day because there really is a lot of distance between the places of most interest. You can live in the center and visit a beach in the same center, go shopping in the same center, etc., but if from there you want to go to the wonderful beaches of the Dunes of Corralejo the walk is very long.

But let's look for solutions. You can always rent a bicycle or a motorcycle. The difference is very big if you really want to take advantage of everything Corralejo offers if you do all the roads on foot or if you do them by bike or motorcycle. But if you have decided to make all the visits on foot you should take advantage of the small and simple public transport network that consists of only two lines that cross Corralejo. So to cross Corralejo del Puerto or the old town to any area you can take the bus 06 that runs through Corralejo and leaves by the road that crosses the dunes of Corralejo. Using this line you can avoid walking along the entire town from north to south. However, if the distance is not very considerable, you should know that the cost of the buses is around € 2.5, so it will be expensive to use this means only to travel a few kilometers.

If you are thinking of visiting the beaches of the Dunes of Corralejo, it is a good option to take bus 06 and get off at Riu hotels. The bus leaves you in a place closer to the most beautiful beaches of the dunes. The bus leaves you about 2.5km away from Corralejo, that is, you have saved yourself from walking there and from this point you can travel the path in the opposite direction to Corralejo which is one of the most beautiful beaches of the dunes of corralejo From the Riu hotels you still have about 6km of beaches in the opposite direction to Corralejo, in the direction of Puerto del Rosario so if you have arrived by bus you will arrive rested and that will allow you to have the strength to discover these wonderful beaches that are always deserted.

In short, I wanted to make you reflect on the suitability of renting a car because it is very cheap here, but if it were not possible I would recommend you rent a bike or motorcycle which will help you to reach all corners of Corralejo more easily but if you want to travel by bus You can take advantage of them but you have to know perfectly their lines and operation as well as schedules because the network is very small and has nothing to do with public transport networks in cities where you can reach any corner very easily.

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