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8 top places to visit Fuerteventura

Actualizado: 14 jun 2021

Among the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura may seem a little wild and deserted at first glance. There are no high mountains, deep canyons and active volcanoes. This is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. It can be assumed that there will not be anything from which to construct your cultural program. However, the first opinion is not always correct. Fuerteventura is a really interesting and rich in sights place that can surprise even experienced travelers. This is a paradise also for nature lovers who want to enjoy it in an almost original form.

1. Dunes and Corralejo beach

Fuerteventura is located closest to Africa among the other islands of the Canary archipelago. Huge masses of white sand from the Sahara Desert are blown here with the winds. Most of the beaches on the east coast are covered with this fine and soft sand.

A little south of the city of Corralejo, African sands have formed a real Sahara Desert in miniature - a large-scale area with real sand dunes.

At the coast, the dunes turn into a gorgeous sandy beach on the coastline with a length of about 8 km. Corralejo Beach is often called the best beach in all the Canary Islands.

2. Natural Park Betancuria

It is one of two mountainous areas on the island, apart from Cape Jandia. Virtually the rest of the area is hilly desert. The FV-30 road passes through the park, winding between the mountains, from which every now and then wonderful mountain landscapes with red rocks characteristic of Fuerteventura open up.

In the mountains you can often see earthen squirrels brought from Africa, wild and domestic goats, as well as notice or simply hear eagles and vultures.

The abundance of animals makes a trip to the natural park not only a hunt for beautiful mountain views, but also a fun entertainment.

3. Observation deck Morro Velosa


Wonderful observation deck on the border of the Betancuria Natural Park. It offers a stunning view of the endless desert of Fuerteventura and the ocean coast in the distance.

Not far from the exit from the highway to the Morr Velosa observation deck, there is a statue of representatives of the Mahorero tribe, local aborigines who inhabited the island before the Spanish colonization.

4. Cofete beach

The monumental natural landscape of Cofete Beach is located on the northern coast of Cape Jandia, the southernmost point of the island. Here, an immense stretch of sandy coastline separates relentless ocean waves on one side and a wall-like mountain range on the other. This place is a must see.

Swimming here will be difficult because of the large waves. People go to Kofete beach with one goal: contemplation of the power of nature.

This is an absolutely wild coast, where civilization ends in the village of Cofete at the entrance to the beach.

Cost - Free (open area)

5. Ahuy

Ahuy is one of the most beautiful places in Fuerteventura. It is a small fishing village with a beach covered with real coal-black sand.

A walking trail about 500 meters long starts from the village, going either along whitish-yellow or black rocks with a view of the violent ocean waves, splitting against stones in the water and on a large-scale rocky coast, dotted with many grottoes. The trail ends in a cave artificially lengthened by pirates in an attempt to build a secret tunnel to the village. However, this project was never completed.

Cost - Free (open area)

6. Natural pools at the "El Toston" lighthouse

It is home to one of the most beautiful swimming spots in Fuerteventura.

These are natural pools - lagoons bordered by solidified lava flows. The most interesting feature of this place is that the bottom between the black lava walls is covered with fine white sand. The combination of the black and white landscape with the purest turquoise water makes this place a real pearl of nature.

7. Lobos Island


It is a small island located off the coast of Corralejo in the north of the island. Known for its lagoon and beach, and as the best snorkelling spot in Fuerteventura, as it is said to be the site of sea turtles.

The main sandy beach of the island, Playa De La Concha, is located about a kilometer and a half walk from the pier. There are also restaurants here, and you can dine on freshly caught fish. Restaurant reservations are accepted exclusively from guests who are already on the island. It is better to come to the island at high tide to see all the natural beauty, natural pools of the Lobos island, as well as snorkel

8. Oasis Park


The main and very high quality zoo of Fuerteventuta. There are many aviaries with a variety of animals, as well as large outdoor safari spaces.

For a fee, you can order camel riding, swimming with sea lions and contact communication with lemurs. If you go to the zoo during the high tourist season, it is better to purchase tickets for these paid entertainment in advance, otherwise there may be no vacant seats.

Also on the territory of the park there is a magnificent cactus garden, which definitely should not be deprived of attention.

Oasis Park is recommended to visit, especially if you are traveling with children.

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