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Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

Almost all Ohana Guesthouse guests are interested in visiting the famous Isla de Lobos and for that reason I thought it was interesting to write this blog that could help you understand a bit some details that will make it easier to organize the excursion to this beautiful island.

If you are planning to visit this amazing island you must to ask an official visa to entry, please find the link to order online you entrance here

If you come to Corralejo on vacation, you should not miss the Isla de Lobos

It is an island of about 6 km² in area and 13.7 km of coastline, located 2 km northeast of Fuerteventura and 8 km south of Lanzarote. The islet can be seen clearly from Corralejo, the nearest town. The channel that separates Fuerteventura de Lobos, whose depth does not exceed 10 meters, is known as "El Río" or "Paso de la Orchilla".

Its name is due to the fact that in the past they lived on the island monk seals or Mediterranean monk (also known as sea lions), now in danger of extinction. The fishermen eliminated the species, since they thought that their voracity reduced the marine resources of the area. Each of these animals needs between 30 and 40 kilograms of fish per day. Sea lion reintroduction efforts are being made, despite the fishermen's refusal.

The small island is protected in its entirety and forms the Islote de Lobos Natural Park. It houses more than 130 plant species and several species of birds, highlighting the silver gull, the great bustard (at certain times of the year) and the gray shearwater. The seabed is an underwater reserve area and contains a great ecological wealth.

Its maximum height is located in La Caldera, also known as El Filo La Herradura, 127 meters high.

Only 15 minutes by boat from the Port of Corralejo (La Oliva, Fuerteventura), access to the island can be done by ferry or water taxi.

At Ohana Guesthouse we are constantly consulting our guests to find out how much they paid for any activity they have carried out in order to give the best advice to the new guests, and in this way we can confirm that at this moment the company of the taxi BARRACUDA It is the cheapest of all. If you buy online the price they offer is 2 euros cheaper than the rest of the companies that offer the same service. If you want to go to his office that is in the street of the Church you can book personally and you will see that they are the cheapest at this moment.

With this information we decided to spend a day on the island and started buying tickets in this company and put ourselves in their hands to take us to the island and then return home.

The inflatable boats are very fun and the journey of about 15 minutes from the pier of Corralejo to the dock of the Isla de Lobos runs very comfortably and with magnificent views of the dunes of Corralejos, the great beaches, Corralejo town and its beaches, on the other side the island of wolves, beyond the ilsa of Lanzarote.

Once arrived at the dock of the island of wolves you can see that the island is very well maintained and preserved and above all very well organized. There are several points of interest to visit and all of them are accessed by very well marked and organized roads.

You can visit the beaches of the shell and the caldera, the lagunitas, the little port, the lighthouse of martiño, mountain of the caldera, the restaurant Antoñito the lighthouse all this walking and for that reason I recommend you to organize well to decide which is more interesting since doing everything will be exhausting.

The natural pools and beaches are the main attraction and when visitors understand why they are so famous, beautiful, calm, a paradise. Climbing to the top of the mountain of the caldera is something else, you have to make an effort but the views are wonderful.

The restaurant, Antoñito el farero, is a privilege as I explain in my blog about the restaurant in

you have to book beforehand because they fish everything that will be served at noon and if you did not reserve in the morning and in person you simply can not eat because they fish just enough for reservations.

Paella and fish fry are very rich and at a very affordable price.

As always I recommend you have a tide table of the region because to have a perfect visit of each place, and make the most beautiful photos I recommend visiting the island with high tide because the pools and beaches are much more beautiful at high tide.

Here I leave the link where you will be informed of the tides and their schedules


It would also be advisable that you visit Isla de Lobos, obviously a sunny day and if it can be without wind, it will be more comfortable and pleasant to bathe in the pools.


To have a full day, I recommend that you ask them for a dive in the water taxi company, because when you arrive at the pools you will use insurance.

Remember that you have to organize the return to Corralejo when you buy the water taxi tickets, so you have to coordinate with the company at what time they reserve a place to take you to Corralejo, so I recommend you to schedule a minimum visit of 2 hours and that alone It will give you time to see the pools and the big beach because all this is about 15-20 minutes away and you have to walk round and round, so between one thing and another you will walk a minimum of 45 minutes.

There is another little-known pearl on the island. This is for surfers. The wave conditions that the island has on certain days are unbeatable. For that the water taxi companies approach you to the peak of the wave and leave you there surfing. And they come to look for you when you tell them.




We hope that this small contribution of Ohana Guesthouse will help you to organize your vacations

You will help us a lot to grow and improve if you could leave a valuation to our work here

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