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Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

If you have time to travel south and want to enjoy its beaches you will know that you have many options such as Morro Jable, Jandia, Costa Calma, Cofete, but there is one that is very popular in photography but very elusive. If it is not an easy beach to find and also according to the conditions of tides and the lunar calendar you will find two completely different beaches.

The beach of the photo that I attached can only be seen in these conditions if you can get to it. It is the beach of Risco del Paso, leaving Costa Calma and in the direction of Jandia, or from Jandia in the direction of Costa Calma, there is a detour to the cliff of the step that leads you to a non-paved but accessible road that takes you until a parking lot that is right in front of this paradisiacal beach.

To locate you is a beach located at the southern end of the lagoon that starts at the Los Gorriones hotel and the Rene Egli kite and windsurf school. The beach is a few kilometers south after the sparrows hotel.

Here you have the link that will lead you to this beautiful beach,-14.2663841,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0xc479cfcc11f65d1:0x1685c87ba96cbcac!8m2!3d28.1106893!4d-14.2641954

But even accessing this remote spot is not enough to take a picture like the ones above. To do this you should make a high tide coincide so that the lagoon that forms these little beaches will be filled with salt water and you will not find an empty lagoon full of mud and nothing similar to the photographs.

For this I leave a link where you can check the tides and thus choose the time of day that all conditions are given to enjoy this wonderful view.

You have to organize for this visit but it is worth doing and you will surely get a photo that few get if they were well informed.

Good luck


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