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Fuerteventura Surf Camp together with teach how to start surfing on the most surfing and authentic beaches in Europe, Corralejo has dozens of magnificent beaches for any level of surf, paradisiacal beaches and desert. Each day our instructors select the most appropriate beaches to teach the classes and above all to ensure that the conditions are the most recommended depending on the level of our students. Each day our minivans will take you to a different beach so you can learn with the best conditions and at the same time you know the most genuine surfing beaches, some nearby fishing villages etc.

In this blog I show you most surf spots that you will be able to know.


Corralejo has dozens of surf spots for different levels and many of them to teach surfing in the best possible conditions, here I detail most of those that exist, there are many more that are almost unknown and some others that are completely secret - we will talk if you were interested -.

Corralejo Surf Campcorralejo Surf Camp



This is a great spot that when it is big is filled with the most experienced riders. Right and left fast, blunt and piping. There are two peaks, one on the left and the other on the right, known by the Right of the Germans. It is on the left of Majanicho driving towards Cotillo. It parks in front of the beach.


The wave of Punta Elena has rock bottom, you have to suffer to access the water but because of its proximity and quality is very popular with the riders of Corralejo since you can walk from the town. There are two waves, a smaller one that breaks near the coast and a larger one that breaks the sea.

In the first wave surfers are looking for a fast, hollow and powerful wave. At the top, about ten minutes paddling, another much larger right ideal for longboarding and paddle surfing and according to the conditions you can also find an aggressive wave with a powerful take off.

It is very protected and it is quite long. A good option to enjoy surfing in Fuerteventura and a privilege for those who live 5 minutes walk as for the guests of the OHANA GUEST HOUSE.


Cotillo beach is very popular with schools and surfers who are starting to catch their first waves in Fuerteventura. The waves are foam in the first meters and with the seabed they allow the beginners to evolve in very good conditions.

The wave of Cotillo, offshore, is very powerful and usually closes like a bar so that only experienced riders should try it, however it allows access without having a high level in the first meters.

It is located about 700 meters from the town of El Cotillo and is parked on the beach. It could be reached by bus from Corralejo since the stop is a short walk from the beach.


The Esquinzo beach is a good option on the northeast wind days. It is an easy wave with a sandy bottom and some rock that is gaining strength as it approaches the shore.

There are usually surfers who are learning with a local surf school. And it works with more force than in those of El Cotillo, so if Cotillo is small here you will find better conditions.


In the small town of Majanicho you can enjoy several waves that break right in its bay and are easy to access and surf.

In the interior of the cove breaks an "inside" right that is perfect for longboard and surfers of little experience and also breaks a left "bay" that is very safe. You need waves in the "outside" there are a couple of meters.

The right of Majanicho that breaks the sea is a peak frequented by paddle surfers and longboard riders. Right long and comfortable to enjoy a good surf session.


One of the longest waves on the planet that breaks stuck to the islet of Lobos and its volcano.

You can arrive by boat from Corralejo at 10:00 and return at 16:00. After walking half an hour you arrive at the Marrajo which is the third section and ideal for medium level surfers. It is very long and fun with a good pipe section.

Halfway to the volcano you have the second section that is more hollow and fast and that is usually quite crowded on good days as it is a world-class wave with transparent blue tubes

The peak of Lobos is a wave that takes much mass of water and noble enough to lower. It holds enough size. At the peak there is always a lot of competition and the locals know the wave perfectly.

It is recommended to always wear booties if you are going to enter from the ground. A good option is to pay the "water-taxi" that leaves the days with waves from the Port of Corralejo and reach the peak directly on the zodiac in less than five minutes.


The Generosa is a peak on the right and left that breaks a couple of kilometers from Corralejo on the north coast. Leaving the town and once past the Bristol and the two windmills you will find it.

The right is faster and with a wall than the left, which opens wider and somewhat longer. Break with low and medium tide.

It is a wave with few locals and medium level although the fat days becomes quite serious. It is recommended to enter with booties.


This is a classic wave of medium level that breaks when passing the left of the Iron. It has easy access through a channel and beach in front of the wave to spend the day at ease.

The wave is a quick right with a section of tube up and then another good section in the lower part where it is put back.

This wave is not for beginners but it admits mid-level surfers. If you do not know well about surfing on lava, it is convenient to keep on the channel and the second section to avoid scares.

You can park right in front of the wave.


This is a very famous and powerful right that is only suitable for experienced surfers and capable of making good tubes. It is one of the best waves of Fuerteventura.

The wave has very little background and is very explosive multiplying its size in a few seconds. It is one of the most surfed waves on the island and there are always people waiting for the good tide point to enter the water.


The Bristol is located just below the windmills at the entrance to the road on the north coast of Fuerteventura when leaving Corralejo.

It is a powerful left with complicated sections and strong take off that riders of Corralejo usually surf on everything. It also gives good sessions for surfers and some days is one of the best waves on the island.


One of the most powerful waves of the North Shore of Fuerteventura where few riders are able to face their take off while being engulfed by a huge body of water.

A bigger GUN table is needed to enter this wave that remains unmasked on perfect days. It is not advisable for riders without preparation in big waves.

If you agree to see a surf session in this wave you will be lucky.


La Entubadera, this beach has two faces: when the tide goes down the waves get difficult and very steep, but when it rises they become more affordable.


One of the most famous beaches and visited by surfers, its waves are amazing but not very predictable, so it is necessary to be careful. Either way, it is not usually a "conflict" zone.


The Moro beach is the last one before leaving the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo. It is a beach where the schools of the north of Fuerteventura usually go.

The quality of the wave is good when the conditions are right. It is usually surfing a peak that comes near the access to the beach. The water is an intense greenish blue that looks like the Caribbean.


It is a charming beach of white sand, surrounded by gray lava of a particular beauty. It is windy but with calm waters when sheltered from the waves. It has an area of ​​200 meters and a width of approximately 18 meters.

It is perfect for beginners.


Here you have a link where you will find webcams of all the spots so you can check the state of the waves live.

There are many other secret spots and not so secret, the important thing is to have a well-informed friend to take you or advise you since our island has the influence of the sea forces of all directions and this allows you to enjoy incredible conditions every day of the year.


We hope that this small contribution of will help you to organize your vacation in Fuerteventura

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