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For our guests of Ohana Guesthouse and for the participants in our Corralejo Surf Camp we have written this information that we hope will help you to organize your visit to this wonderful island. In particular we have written this information so that you have a clear idea of ​​the supermarkets that are in Corralejo and which are close to our Ohana Guest House.

In the Island of Fuerteventura and in Corralejo in particular there are 3 brands of large supermarkets in addition to some small multi-product shops that are located in the old part of the town. As for the large supermarkets, the brands are Super Dino, Spar and Mercadona.

The supermarket Mercadona is located about 700 meters from our Ohana Guest House, is in the same street Guirre, Calle Guirre s / n, Corralejo, 35640 La Oliva, Las Palmas, leaving our house and taking the street guirre to the right mç , that is, going up the street, here is the location of googlemaps,-13.869917,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcfcbb8fc5cdb59ed!8m2!3d28.712132!4d-13.869917

The Mercadona is the largest supermarket in Corralejo and the prices are very cheap, you have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and fresh meat, as well as any other cleaning products, beverages, bakery, and food in general.

The Dino Supermarket has two brands that must be differentiated as there are many in the city but one is Super Dino Express, it differs from the standard Super Dino because the first one has the yellow entrance sign while the second one is white . The difference between the two is that the Express is more expensive than the standard Super Dino. The Express are smaller, have less variety and are more expensive, but sometimes they are closer to us and in cases of urgency we can agree. Super Dino Express has one just 100 meters from our Ohana Guest House, at the roundabout below our house, where you can find surf shops and schools. Location of googlemaps,-13863666,551&tbm=lcl&ved=2ahUKEwil9IDAjeDfAhWp6uAKHQmWAi8QtgN6BAgBEAQ&tbs=lrf:!2m1!1e3!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui: 4 & rldoc = 1 # rlfi = hd:; yes:; mv:! 1m2! 1d28.728435204357652! 2d-13.856465437132442! 2m2! 1d28.71866903740012! 2d-13.87676439495715! 4m2! 1d28.72355223491195! 2d-13.866614916044796! 5i16

The Super Dino standard has very cheap prices as the other three large supermarkets and there is a wide variety of food products as well as meat and fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, bakery, etc.

The closest Super Dino of the Ohana Guest House is located on the ground floor of the El Campanario shopping center which is 950 meters from our house. Look on the map to know the exact location. .... 0.lc1n6MLDZfA # rlfi = hd:; if: 12277402496527315897; mv:! 1m2! 1d28. 730656521936343! 2d-13.860524102485101! 2m2! 1d28.725670163374406! 2d-13.870673581397455! 4m2! 1d28.72816337238795! 2d-13.865598841941278! 5i17

There is another Dino supermarket and another Spar in the old part of Corralejo very close to the surf shop Paradise, and a few meters from the Town Hall.

The third large supermarket is of the Spar brand, it is located in the Las Palmeras Shopping Center, 1.1 km away and about 15 minutes walk from our Ohana Guest House, it has the same characteristics as the other two large supermarkets, see the map for locate it;yes:;mv:!1m2! 1d28.73350840688963! 2d-13.863542589333633! 2m2! 1d28. 728625674432756! 2d-13.873692068245987! 4m2! 1d28.73106706917423! 2d-13.86861732878981! 5i17

We can not suggest a large supermarket in particular, there is not a big difference between one and another, that is, the three big brands do not have any better than the other, their offer and prices are similar, their hours are 8 tomorrow at 22 hours, all have parking.

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