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From Corralejo there are several charters and taxi boat that take you to the wonderful Isla de Lobos in 10 minutes of crossing. There are several price options but for around € 15 per person it would be a reasonable price although looking well you can get to get it for only € 13, ask me if you need this information.

Once you arrive on the island and if you want to eat there you should know that there is only one restaurant called Antoñito the lighthouse keeper and run by the family of this famous character.

Eating here is a fantastic experience, there are only two options to choose from, a paella or a fish fry. The data to take into account is that they fish for seafood and fish hours before cooking and that you have to reserve in advance to give them time to fish and cook exclusively for you.

We advise you to call and advance in advance tel: 928 879 653 although it would be better to book when you arrive as they may be reluctant to accept reservations by phone.

Here I transcribe a recommendation of a client that I found in google


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El Puertito is not exactly a beach. In reality, it is a group of small coves under the shelter of a tiny fishing pier that makes it picturesque and special. Being a natural harbor protected by rocks and reefs, its waters are very calm. The view from the open windows of the dining room is spectacular, and savoring the food on the tables covered with rubber tablecloths while the breeze blows through it is quite an experience.

 You will know even better food if you cross the island from south to north, you can see the video from Puertito to the Martiño lighthouse, an essential tour if you go to this small port.

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