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Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

In order to help the guests of Ohana Guest House to discover our island in a practical and effective way we are writing different blogs that help a bit in the organization of your trip. In this case we have written this blog to help you rent a car on our island and pay the minimum.

Renting a car in Fuerteventura is much cheaper than in the peninsula or in Europe. You will be surprised to know that there are days when the rental costs around € 7 per day and in most days € 12 per day would be an average price, which turns out to be very cheap, so if you thought about renting a motorcycle or a bike First, do a little research because the safest way to find it cheaper to rent a car.

The most advisable thing would be to rent at the airport since it is cheaper than in any locality and in our case in Corralejo. You can rent online and with that you know before the price arrives and above all you will not find the possibility that there were no cars available. If you want to search online I advise you to look for companies such as autoreisen, cicar, alamo, in these cases the prices range from € 7 to € 12 and are usually the most recommended companies.

If you have not rented online you can go to the offices that are in the same airport and if you do so remember that you can find that there are no cars available or if there are, that the prices are a little more expensive than if You do with time.

Until here and in almost all the cases that I have mentioned you should know that if you do not have a credit card, the rental companies will ask you to take out full coverage insurance and that will greatly cost the daily cost, around € 22 against the 12 € 7 if you have a credit card. Even so, some companies accept a credit card.

I debit but you must confirm this before hiring for example your car online since the reservation with debit card accept them all but when you get to pick up the car some will inform you that when you do not have a credit card what you booked online is not correct and that you will have to pay more because in these cases they will require full insurance.

If you are in Corralejo you could try the Orlando or Cicar companies that also have offices in Corralejo.

I warn you that in Corralejo there are many other offices and some of them with much more expensive prices. It is the offices of the main streets of Corralejo that are waiting for uninformed tourists and thereby charge them more. So if they give you prices that you consider expensive, you already have enough information here to get an economical price.

There is also a company that offers very cheap prices to rent cars but for long periods, you can find a car for € 200 for a whole month, they do not have an office and are difficult to find if you do not have a friend here who can move and find them. The cars are older, a little dirtier, but the price is worth it. If you come for a few days do not bother to keep it because they do not rent for less than a month, but if you plan to spend more than a month you will check that they are the cheapest.

Below I rewrite an article that I found in the monthly FUERTEXTRA magazine which refers to the valuation of car rental companies in Fuerteventura.

-Group Consumption has warned British tourists about the car rental companies that they should avoid this summer. The Spanish company Goldcar was last in the rankings for the fifth time in six years, since 38 percent of customers said they would not use the firm again. Two out of five customers reported problems with the operator who served them, problems generally related to changes in credit cards and poor service. This rental giant, which has a regular service, is owned by Europcar, which has criticized the worst performance of all major brands. According to the Wich magazine report, the second worst car rental company is Interent and the third, Firefly. Meanwhile, Cicar placed first in the ranking followed by Autoreisen and Alamo.-


We hope that this little contribution from Ohana Guest House will serve you to

organize your vacations

You will help us a lot to grow and improve if you could leave a valuation of our work here

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