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Fuerteventura what clothes to take

Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

The guests of Ohana Guest House and the students of Corralejo Surf Camp ask us what clothes to take to visit our island and for that reason we are going to explain what you should take into account.

Fuerteventura like the rest of the Canary Islands are known for being the lucky ones, that is, they are the European islands with the best weather and sun all year round.

This is a reality but it should be deepened a bit since otherwise the idea of ​​coming to the veranito at any time of the year is not entirely true.

That we have the best temperatures in all of Europe is because when in Europe and in our peninsula the cold winter arrives in Fuerteventura we continue to enjoy warm weather. The difference is remarkable because while the rest goes with jackets, scarf and gloves, we go with a swimsuit and that is why we are so lucky.

However, we must warn our visitors that the temperature throughout the year on the island is an eternal spring. We are always in the spring. But that does not mean that we are in the middle of summer, that is to say that although we have sun and warm temperatures, they never become summer, and that means that our spring oscillates between cold and warm. It seems strange but you will understand it right away. Think if in the spring you go in your swimsuit or not, because the question is that while there are days that the swimsuit is necessary there are other days that you need a jacket or sweatshirt, even a long pants.

Well here is the same as in the spring of your town, there are dates that during the hours of sun you can walk perfectly with swimsuit or shorts, but there are times of the day especially when the sun is low and does not heat much, at night or when the wind is strong on cold spring days, at those times you will need the long pants and a sweatshirt.

In the same day and in the coldest days of spring do not forget to wear at least one sweatshirt, otherwise you will be cold. You will never need more than that but I advise you never to leave it and include it in your suitcase.

When that time comes when the sun went down and suddenly cool more, if you do not wear the sweatshirt you will suffer colder than when you are in your town in the middle of winter, clear there in your home you prepare for adverse conditions and do not leave without all the winter accessories and however if you get a cold moment even if it is less but you go in a swimsuit you will suffer more seriously.

Everything and with this I recommend that when that moment of cold spring weather arrives and you complain of something cold, call a friend from your city and ask how is the weather out there, you will see how happy you are to be in the island.

Another situation unknown to most of our visitors is that in the middle of summer when in Europe and especially in the peninsula the temperatures are very warm and even

Asphyxiants, we are here in the spring. If I said spring, warm but not summer temperatures and much less asphyxiating. There are visitors who tell me that they could not imagine that in the middle of summer and leaving their city sweating they arrive at the island and discover that there is not that heat that they probably took it for sure. And that is not a problem, on the contrary, it is surprising but we continue having a warm spring weather that will allow you to sleep at night without suffering the suffocating temperatures, until you use a sheet to cover yourself, I think it is a blessing.

Everything I say you will understand when you realize that the houses on the island do not use air conditioning or heating, and that is because we do not need it.

Concluding I confirm that in any case you always wear a sweatshirt and long pants in the winter season and at least one sweatshirt for the summer season.

That is if you always carry a lot of sunscreen because you will need it every day of the year.

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We hope that this small contribution of Ohana Guest House will help you to organize your vacations.

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