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In the Ohana Guest House we have created this post in order to offer a specific list of typical products of our island to help our most original customers who consult us on this matter and thus help them with specific information, detailed and above all renewed already We continually discover new products made by our people.


This wonderful island has worked and developed its specialties to achieve great success and international recognition for its most emblematic products.

There are original products but with little development and others that compete in a very competitive market and that have gained great prestige.





Tomatoes are grown industrially since 1927, mainly around Antigua and Tiscamanita. The tomatoes on this island are considered among the tastiest in Europe and are used in many renowned restaurants on the continent.



The Aloe Vera of Fuerteventura is one of the best of its kind. The climatic conditions of Fuerteventura offers the best conditions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera and that is why our island has a great production of this plant. It is produced and developed in a multitude of beneficial products for the human body, skin, etc ...

There are several local producers, several local distributors who organize themselves so that this product reaches the customers, but the large supermarket chains already offer many varieties on their shelves. We must take into account that the product is what we want to buy and then we would have to compare prices and qualities before making the purchase, soon from the Ohana Guest House we will go to work to offer you a guide to purchase these products because we are sure that There is much to discover if we dig a little deeper.




The main livestock product of the island is represented by the goat. They are highly esteemed for their milk that is the basis for making the famous local goat cheese, the "Queso Majorero". Its quality is excellent, proof of this are the numerous international awards and the denomination of origin of "Queso Majorero".

There are 3 main classes: "Tender", "Semi-cured" and "Cured". The flavor of "Tender" is very soft and pleasant, even for children, and does not look like ordinary goat cheese. There are some variations of this cheese when it is combated with pepper, gofio, in oil, etc.



The virtue of the islands is its proximity to fishing and with a first quality product, fresh, freshly caught and with great variety.




This wonderful island has some completely native dishes such as the Majorero Peas, Embarrado Liver, Old jareas, Sun-baked and baked pejines or plancha, stewed goat meat and other unique delicacies from Fuerteventura.




The majorero cheese is covered by the Denomination of Origin since 1999 (it was the first of the Canary Islands to obtain it). The arid island of Fuerteventura is the framework in which the goats graze that produce the raw material with which this ancestral cheese is made.

With a strong flavor, it is a very well-established food on the island and is produced in the municipalities of Antigua, Betancuria, La Oliva, Pájara, Puerto del Rosario and Tuineje.


In most restaurants the excellent Majorero cheese made with goat's milk is cooked, both raw and pasteurized, whose varieties are fresh, semi-cured and cured. The first is usually made grilled or battered and, seasoned in many cases

with honey of palm, it is usually taken as an aperitif or even for dessert. With curing, almogrote is made, a pasta with cheese, olive oil and a little chilli pepper, which is taken with toast.




The "majorero" has a long tradition in growing wine. However, 600 years later we do not have warehouses that handle their own bottling and corking.

One of the wine producers is the famous Don Francisco Tacaronte Brito and his family from a small village near the natural monument and village museum of ancient crafts in Tefia.




The wrinkled potatoes are wrinkled potatoes, the cultivation of potatoes is very typical in the Canary Islands, and therefore a star dish of the majorera gastronomy are these potatoes cooked with much

salt and until the skin wrinkles, that's why its name. It is another of the dishes that you will find in any typical restaurant of the island and that is accompanied with mojo and in an infinity of dishes.



Mojo sauce is a mixture of olive oil, parsley, dried peppers and lots of garlic. If it is too strong for you, then take a spoonful of your oil and spread it on the bread. There are two types of mojo, green and red, the second usually stronger and hotter. As in any sauce, you will not find a mojo from one restaurant to another, but you will have the opportunity to try them since they usually offer it in all the restaurants of the island to be open minded. Main ingredients are: garlic, pepper, paprika, salt, olive oil ...



If you have already gone around the less inhabited areas of the island, you will have already crossed paths with the famous majoreras goats that brighten up these special landscapes. Clearly the goat has been an essential animal in Fuerteventura. From the goat milk, meat and cheese are obtained. Its meat is one of the most typical dishes of Fuerteventura. There are different ways to prepare them and as in any good kitchen, each teacher has his booklet. If you are a good eater, do not forget to try a majorero stew, a very tasty stew made with goat meat and vegetables. It is also prepared braised or fried.



Shellfish is very common in Fuerteventura and therefore the limpets, gastropod mollusks that are embedded in the rocks, are a strong island dish. Only in certain seasons the restaurants that have products from the area offer us this delicious product. In the kitchen they are used in several dishes. The most common form is cooked on the grill with a little mojo picón. To lick your fingers.



The aborigines of Fuerteventuran left us this precious legacy that in difficult times became the most important food of this arid island. It is wheat flour or toasted millet. It can be eaten with milk, with fish broth or simply kneaded. It is very nutritive.


There are several products manufactured in the Canary Islands that are having a worldwide success due to its high quality in its manufacture, but you will be surprised to know that the best vodka in the world, is manufactured in these islands. It has been proved that the purest vodka in the world is manufactured in the Canary Islands and has an international recognition that makes it unique. If you want to know more about this amazing product, I invite you to visit a post that we wrote specifically for this in our blog.

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