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Actualizado: 20 jul 2020

Most guests of Ohana Guesthouse ask for help and advice to organize the visit to the beaches of Corralejo. Your doubts about which are the most interesting beaches and how much time to devote to see them so as not to miss any wonder for lack of information.

That is why I created this post that I dedicate to all the guests of the Ohana Guesthouse and that I hope will help them and allow them to organize their visit in the best conditions. Above all I include some secrets that I have not found in any publication and that only the local population knows.

One can not leave Corralejo without seeing the beaches of the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo which are the beach of Flag Beach, La Entubadera, the beach between hotels, El donkey beach and El Moor beach. The other beaches that are in the center of Corralejo, in the town, are more popular, less interesting but are a great solution for the day that you do not want to move and have all the services for those who like to have everything nearby, while in the rest of beaches that I advise you are less frequented and with few services.

Do not miss seeing the beaches of El Cotillo which are 30 minutes by car from Corralejo and the Isla de lobos.

So there are three areas that can be divided into three days of visit, the beaches of the natural park of the dunes of Corralejo, the beaches of El Cotillo and Isla de Lobos.

View these three areas, and in addition to the beaches of downtown Corralejo there are many beaches in the north of the island. This area is not so paradisiacal, that is, it does not have the views that we all recognize as a Caribbean paradise, turquoise blue water and sand fine white. But the northern part of the island, that is to say all that remains above Corralejo and Cotillo are wilder beaches, lots of rock and little sand, lots of waves, it's another story but if you have time you could go to visit the town Majanicho and so you take a tour of the beaches surfer.

The Beaches of the Natural Park of the Corralejo dunes are just outside the town of Corralejo, starting just 800 meters from the right side of the town of Corralejo, that is, going down Calle Pedro and Guy Vandaele in the direction of Puerto del Rosario. The first beach you will find is Flag Beach, the kite and windsurfing beach par excellence, it is quickly identified because there is a lot of activity of kites in the air on windy days, in case there was no wind you could identify it because in the same On the beach there is a kind of container with flags that houses the Flag Beach School of water sports, the car is parked on the same road and it is accessed by walking through the dunes to the beach, leaving the hotel on the right.

Following the road to Corralejo you will arrive at a roundabout and from there you have to access the Riu Tres Islas Hotel, park your car in the parking lot and walk along a path through the dune to the beach of Entubadera, there is a very nice beach bar and lots of activity. Surf the days of waves.

From the parking lot but this time leaving the hotel on the left you will find a beach, among hotels, more touristy but very pleasant and with a must-see feature. The days with strong winds of northern component, ie with winds coming from the left side, here on this beach the wind will be much less annoying because the hotel protects you from the wind so this beach is visited by families well informed that look for calmer and more comfortable waters.

Continuing the journey towards Puerto del Rosario you will find El Burro beach a few kilometers away. This is a beach frequented by kiters, surfers and windsurfers on days of wind and waves, but if you have calm days the beach is very beautiful too, It is parked on the same road and from the parking lot to the right is the beach of El Burro but if you go to the left you have an immense beach with a giant dune.

Following the road you will find a few kilometers away the last jewel of this natural park, it is called El Moro beach, here you will find a lot of surfing during the days of waves.

The interesting thing about these beaches is that with wind and waves the beach is very different from the calm days so if you are checking the conditions of each day you should choose the quieter days to enjoy them better, except in case you do not be surfers or kiters then everything is different.

Another important information is that since the tides are very pronounced on this island the physiognomy of the beaches changes a lot with a high tide and a low tide, so if you inform about the tides in the days that you are going to be here you can find the way to visit the beaches with high tide that generally and in almost all the beaches the photos and the views are much more beautiful. I leave a link with the tide table of our zone

https : //

of the essential beaches to visit are the beaches of El Cotillo. Cotillo is reached by the road that goes from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario by the inland motorway. Going up the main avenue of Corralejo, the Avenida de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, ends at the highway that takes us to Puerto del Rosario and the airport. For this highway we will spend a few kilometers until we reach the exit of Lajares, Villaverde or La Oliva. After leaving the highway we must go to Lajares. It passes through the town of Lajares and a few kilometers ahead is El Cotillo. When you get to the town you have two alternatives to go to the beaches on the left of El Cotillo or go to the beaches on the right of this town. In front of the town of El Cotillo there is a port, cliff and rocks without a beach. The beaches are to the right and to the left of the port, or rather to the left or to the right of the town, both beaches are immediately leaving the urban nucleus so they are very close. The difference between the two beaches is so great that you could say that you are in two different countries. The beaches on the left, from beach stone to the corner are darker sand, is traveled by dirt roads parallel to the shore but 15 meters high. In other words, we are in an area of ​​cliffs that park up on the road and go down to the beach. These beaches are of golden sand and stones, generally with much wave and wind but they are very beautiful and if there is a lot of wind on the beaches of Corralejo you could find here a good place to shelter from the wind. On the other side of El Cotillo, that is to say. To get to El Cotillo we will turn to the first street that we find to the right and we will follow any street that goes parallel to the beach and until the urban center ends and immediately you will see some wonderful lakes of turquoise blue water and fine white sand, it is a beach protected by rocks that form a lagoon of calm waters and that contrasts with the dark colors of the stones as you can see in the photo.

El Cotillo, in addition to enjoying beautiful beaches, you have to take into account that it has a wonderful sunset since here the sun hides inside the sea, giving you the possibility of taking some very beautiful photos. So if you do not have many days you can be on the beaches of the Corralejo dunes in the morning and go to El Cotillo in the afternoon to enjoy the beaches and also the sunset. The other mandatory visit to collect the photographs of the best beaches in the north of Fuerteventura and with total security the best of all the Canary Islands is found in Isla de Lobos. This island is a few kilometers from Corralejo and can be reached by boat in just 7 minutes from the port of Corralejo. There are several companies that make the transfer to the Island and pick you up later. There are small ferry boats and taxi boats. The Ohana Guesthouse customers offer us information about all their trips and experiences and these customers have confirmed that at this moment the BARRACUDA company has significantly cheaper prices, while the majority offers the transfer for € 15 per person round trip, those of BARRACUDA do it for € 13 .Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.On what to see and do in Isla de Lobos you can differentiate 4 activities, the first is to visit the natural pool or lagoon that for its colors and tranquility are famous, there you can snorkel that the transfer companies they provide you. The second activity is to climb the mountain, as high of the island and this is highly recommended by the views there are, the third activity is to eat at the restaurant on the island, only one and if you need to know how to book and get there I leave a link with all the information of this interesting place since all the fish that will be served to you will have been caught especially for you minutes before being consumed, but read the link because if you do not book you will not be taken care of.

www.ohanaguesthouse .com / blog / restaurant-en-isla-de-lobos

The fourth activity is to take an organized tour to see the whole island and observe the protected animal species. There is a fifth activity for kiters, surfers and windsurfers, because Isla de Lobos is a paradise of great waves some days of the year and this is known because those days the island is full of activity. If you need more information do not hesitate to write us

Ohana Guesthouse

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