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In order to help the guests of Ohana Guesthouse to discover our island in a practical and effective way we are writing different blogs that help in the organization of your trip. In this case we have written this blog to visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the island and a special fishing village.

El Cotillo is a fishing town in the northwest of the island of Fuerteventura that has been adapted with the arrival of tourists and surfers. It is located 20km from the Ohana Guesthouse.

The beaches of El Cotillo are famous for their beauty and therefore are considered one of the best in Europe. The Cotillo has two beach groups, those that are to the right of the town, that is, to the south, and those that remain to the left, that is, to the north. On the right we will find La Concha beach also called Playa Chica and known as Las Lagunas and on the left we will find Piedra Playa, also known as El Aljibe de la Cueva.

If you are driving you should turn left or right just when you reach a supermarket called hiper Dino which is at the entrance to the town. If you go by bus I recommend you go to the beaches on the right because they are much closer.

Those who go by bus from Corralejo should take bus number 08 that connects Corralejo with El Cotillo. Here you have the link to the official website of the public transport company that makes this tour

Arrived at El Cotillo either by bus, car or bicycle you can turn right to reach La Concha. You have to take the indicated detour to the right with the signs (Los Lagos, Playas, Faro) and about 700 meters after leaving the urban area you have to turn left to find the beach a few meters away.

This spectacular beach has an area of ​​200 meters with a fine white sand, crystal clear waters full of marine life and with hardly any waves as it is protected by a natural reef in the shape of a horseshoe.

The days that there is wind on the beach we can shelter in the so-called corralitos that are small circular walls built with volcanic stone built by the inhabitants of the area.

La Concha has a parking lot and also has a rescue and rescue post. There is also a restaurant with a terrace on the beach and a slightly more secluded one

called Azzurro.

If you arrive to El Cotillo, you turn left and you will find the cliffs with the wildest beaches ideal for practicing sports such as Kite, Windsurf or Surf.

You will arrive through an unpaved track past El Tostón Castle, there you will find a wild beach of over 1,300 meters of blond sand and spectacular scenery. It is the beach known as El Aljibe de la Cueva but better known as Playa Piedra. You can park in each of the coves, and to access the beach you must descend along the path about 20 meters high.

El Cotillo has a good gastronomic offer, especially fresh fish that the restaurants receive every day from the fishermen of this town.

If you have decided to visit El Cotillo and its beaches, I recommend that you do not stop seeing the sunset as it is spectacular. The little cloudy or clear days you can enjoy a magnificent sunset over the ocean that you can not miss, so organize your visit until sunset, you will not regret it.

We hope that this small contribution of Ohana Guesthouse will help you to organize your vacations

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