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Actualizado: 14 jun 2021

For our guests of and for all our friends we have assigned an all-terrain car so you can visit the beaches of the region.

Every day we go to the beach to surf and visit and discover new beaches without needing to rent a car. Every morning we go out with anyone who wants to accompany us to know new beaches and those who want to come surfing without spending on car rental.

We also offer the possibility of renting complete surf equipment and we leave you on the beach that has the best conditions of the day, with that you do not need a car, school or have to identify which beach will be good for the day as we understand that it is difficult to know perfectly the characteristics of our beaches and the maritime conditions.

So if you want to enjoy a magnificent day at the beach with colleagues from the Ohana Guest House, sharing our vehicle, picnic, tables. You can come with your table, without a table, as you wish.


round trip transfer only, € 15 per person

transfer more surf equipment for one day and one person € 25

surf instructor more trasnfer more complete equipment 35 €

We hope that this solution will provide you with the satisfaction of sharing a good day at the beach with your colleagues at the Ohana Guest House, sharing magnificent experiences, sunsets, and getting to know with us beaches and wonderful and unknown places for the most part.

The car is driven by our staff who in turn is a surf instructor so you can learn to surf among friends and without crowds of students.

This solution is suitable for people who visit us alone since by making a group of friends both at the Ohana Guest House and in these activities they provide you with a unique opportunity to enjoy until the last minute.

For any questions and to book write us by WhatsApp at +34. 681.11.31.34

Would you like to learn to SURF? Learn more about Fuerteventura Surf Camp offers in Corralejo

We hope that this small contribution of will help you to organize your vacation in Fuerteventura

You will help us a lot to grow and improve if you could leave a valuation to our work here


Fuerteventura Surf Camp

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+34 681.113.134


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