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The Surf Camp in general is a package of surf lessons along with accommodation where students share experiences on the beach and in the accommodation.

At Fuerteventura Surf Camp we pay special attention to both the quality of the surf courses and the family and social atmosphere of the groups in the Ohana Guest House accommodation, as we intend to make you feel at home and leave you wanting to return . But as we get all this I'll explain later



Our proposal regarding surf courses is completely different from any other. The most striking and compelling difference is that we take care of each of our students in a very personal and special way. And this is not just a few words that are not fulfilled later.

To guarantee that the surf courses are the most suitable and the most efficient for our clients, we have devised a system that you will understand below.

We are not associated with any particular school and we only choose among the 15 best in Fuerteventura after knowing your dates and verify that the school will offer you the best possible service. This allows us to select at all times the school that is in the best conditions for you to receive the best service.

 And this because?

I will explain it to you because it is very interesting and above all it is a very much more beneficial system for those who wish to learn to really surf.

I'll explain it to you by asking you a question

How would you know if you were successful in your choice of surf school?

How do you know if you are hiring the best school?

This answer can only be answered after completing the course. Maybe in the first days you can already detect some details that in no way could you do before hiring. But you before hiring the school you do not know how the service will be that they will give you, that's why we are involved in this election.

I explain-

You can only know if you guessed right with your choice when you know the ins and outs of the schools and know when they are able to offer you the best service, and they are not collapsed of students.

The best surf schools have peaks of demand, they have weeks of total collapse. Many more customers arrive than can be expected or expected. For the school to receive many students is a great joy, but it will not be productive or comfortable for you. The problem is that if there are more clients on the account, the service is also worse. But to understand what happens and how it affects your satisfaction, your learning and your success you have to become a little specialist since it is the only way to understand these details. You have to become a specialist so that you do not make mistakes and in this case you have to understand the following.

A surf course for beginners has to have two key elements apart from offering good equipment and a good structure,

1. The conditions of the beach where the courses will be taught should be suitable for beginners and

2. The instructor must be good, expert and capable of transmitting your knowledge in a clear and personal way.

The ideal conditions are a beach with a sandy bottom, no stones or rocks in the bottom, low tide and a wave of soft foam but with enough consistency to push you. In our region we have more than 25 beaches that can be used to teach surf courses to beginners, the instructors decide daily the best beach where we will find the best wave of the day for the level of the students and also decide which will be the best four hours terms. Before or after these ideal hours on the ideal beach it will not be possible to obtain the best conditions. This means that during 4 hours we will have a low tide that will allow us to walk on the sand bottom without rowing, to reach the wave of foam very easily and without having great physical wear. Imagine 4 hours paddling, or swimming, impossible even 30 minutes. The most athletic students would not be rowing for an hour, so imagine 4 hours. There are other details that I am going to ignore at this moment but I will detail them below because the thing is even clearer.

Therefore, we need to have 4 hours of low tide on a sandy beach, because if it is made of stones and rocks, it is not comfortable or friendly for the student. The only way you can walk to the wave is only achieved with low tide and this only lasts 4 effective hours, ie after these 4 hours the tide rises and therefore you can not stand and if you can not do foot turns that we will have to row and that as I say you will not resist.

The schools have 4 hours of good time each day to teach some great surf lessons. The problem is when the schools do not have enough vans to take all the students to the beach, nor does it have enough instructors for all the students.

Schools in this case inevitably expand the groups to take advantage of these 4 hours so that instructors can not give you the same attention because with large groups there is not enough attention.

When the groups are full above the possibilities of the instructor and all the vans occupied to the top the courses will never be the same as with a school that limits the number of students and that few respect it.

But when there are more students than vans we arrive at the following problem and that happens when the schools take turns, that is, one shift will do 4 hours of course and another group to the next shift of 4 hours. Now ask yourself which shift you will not receive the good conditions to do the course, I mean that if there are only 4 good hours each day to teach a surf course there is a group that is receiving classes in the 4 good hours and the next group will suffer in much more difficult conditions, where you do not stand and you have to row for 4 hours to go through the waves paddling, that is a calvary but no one will explain it. When I see these courses I keep looking at the instructor because he is the first one who does not want to give this service but his boss has told him to look for life and do what he can. If you are in that second group you are going to believe that surfing is not done for you and you will not understand how anyone can learn this wonderful sport.

Another big problem as I said is that the instructor must be good and have the ability to transmit their knowledge clearly and that does not happen when students do not understand because they speak different languages, because the instructor does not have much experience since the school hired less experienced instructors for these days that there is an excess of students, because the groups are too big or even when it has been a bad turn where the high tide makes the students get tired after 30 minutes, thinking that fatigue The first thing that cancels is concentration and attention.

I imagine that you understand that the choice of the school is not simply to have a good recommendation from someone who was lucky to have a good day, where the school could give a good service, but to find the school that for your dates is going to be in a position to give you the best service, with the ideal instructor for your experience, the language in which you will communicate with you and that you should not give classes to too many students. Because a good school if it is collapsed is not the same as when it is not.

So I advise you to find a good school, that is, one of the best among the top 15 for example, but make sure you are put in a small group, that the instructor has experience, speaks your language and above all that it will not touch you in a second group. That choice is what we do for our clients, you can rest assured that we will not let the service be inadequate.

For all this we at FUERTEVENTURA SURF CAMP we always offer you our Surf House in the Ohana Guest House which as you can see is one of the best accommodation in Corralejo but we also choose which school to hire your courses among the 15 best ones in Corralejo depending and this is the Key to the volume of students they have for those dates and never touch you in that second group that will not enjoy the courses no matter how hard you try.

We take care of all this, we guarantee the best service and for the prices do not worry since as you can see we are the cheapest in Corralejo.

Our Fuerteventura Surf Camp is the cheapest because we offer very tight packages, but do not worry about the quality of the service since the schools all charge the same and there is an equal price for all, which allows us to choose the best school for your dates without having to pay one cent more than in another.


Any time is good in Fuerteventura, the weather is always better than in the rest of Europe and the waves have the consistency and adequate size of the waves throughout the year.

Naturally, there is a difference in the size of the waves throughout the year, but we have more than 25 surfing beaches so there are always conditions for all tastes and levels. Throughout all of the year courses are being taught without rest. Consequently we can say that Corralejo is a surf town 365 days a year.


There is no age limit outside children under 4 or 5 years and in this particular case the limitation lies in their lack of experience swimming. Therefore if you know how to swim

and you want to learn this wonderful sport there is no limitation.

Obviously youth helps a lot to learn more quickly but we can confirm that the desire and passion win against age.

The format of the initiation courses is based on making it very affordable for students to cross the waves without excessive physical exhaustion, so instructors choose the tides and beaches that offer the perfect conditions for the wave to be smooth , foam type and above all so that the student does not have to spend the day paddling since the physicist of the students is not prepared to spend long hours in this position. Therefore conditions are chosen where students can access the foam peak of the wave walking, that means that the tide must be low so that we do not need more to walk against the small waves and access the place easily and effortlessly where they will let themselves be pushed by the wave and practice without effort the balance on the board and stand up.


Classes are taught in the language chosen and preferred by the student and groups are formed by level and by language. This characteristic of our courses is our virtue. Teaching a sport like surfing should be done with a continuous and fluid communication between student and instructor since at all times they are giving instructions

advice, technical details that are not easily understood and that compromises the student's progress and satisfaction.

For all these reasons, we are particularly interested in having a wide range of good professional instructors that cover all of the demanded languages. Do not accept a course that you will explain with signs because although you try it will be very difficult to understand the secrets of our sport.


As I said to you each morning, the instructors inform themselves of the concrete conditions for that day and with this they manage to offer the students the ideal conditions to teach a course in conditions. The great virtue of Corralejo is that it has surfing beaches in all directions, and all of them at a maximum of 15 minutes from our Surf House. There are beaches that are only 5 minutes away and 15 minutes away, adding a total of 25 beaches that are 25 options that cover the entire north of the Island of Fuerteventura, either East or West, which allows receive the strength of the waves from all possible directions and thus have many options every day to achieve our goal.
















These are some of the best known beaches for surfers from around the world but I would not tell you about other gems that locals know very well but we keep it in complete secrecy and we only reveal it to our students to guarantee a day of surfing in places magnificent and deserts.



We accept students of both sexes and of any age.

However, for your participation in the course you must meet the following criteria:

Good swimming skill

No medical problems, especially heart problems.

In addition, we recommend that any student prepare for the surfing course through aerobic exercises and swimming. Get in touch with us so we can give you some tips before you arrive.


Our surf lessons are held in groups, groups are small.

For the specific training of surfing techniques, the group is divided into subgroups with similar abilities.

You can also request the analysis of the filming (of the practical classes) at night also happens with the whole group, regardless of the level of surfing of each one.

Thus, not only is a learning process encouraged by students with different levels of surfing, also creates a bond of friendship between all of us and that leads to our family is getting bigger every day.


The courses consist of 4 hours that are divided into 3 intervals to take a short break between intervals. At the beginning of each day a small theory is made to focus the practice of the course and the rest of the course is done in the water in a practical way with the personal explanations of the instructor.

Every day the students are picked up at the school or at the Surf House and transferred to the chosen beaches to give the course according to the conditions.

We hope that this small contribution from Ohana Guest House will help you

organize your vacations

You will help us a lot to grow and improve if you could leave a valuation to our work here

Ohana Guest House

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