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Actualizado: 14 jun 2021

Proud to receive another year to members of the organization and athletes participating in the Fuertebike competition in our Ohana Guest House and happy to enjoy the gastronomic offer of Paladea.

To inform our guests of Ohana Guest House of the most important activities in our town we transcribe a part of a newspaper article that informs in detail of this new event.

After the success of their first experience, the City Council of La Oliva, the CB Caima and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club organize the second edition of the Paladea La Oliva fair, combining sport, gastronomy and musical performances

The second edition of Paladea La Oliva will be held in Corralejo next Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7, matching the gastronomic fair with the Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019 mountain bike race, scheduled for that Saturday.

The City Council of La Oliva, the CB Caima and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club coordinate the organization of this event that «combines sport, local cuisine and leisure ... It is a formula that worked very well in the first Paladea de Villaverde fair, and we want to invite the public to come again enjoy, supporting athletes and our catering sector, ”said the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco.

If the mountain bike test has broken records - with more than a thousand entries, this year is the biggest race in the Canary Islands -, the three organizers also expect a great participation in the gastronomic fair, during which the performances will take place Treintytantos, Dj Maxi, and Los Lola musicals.

As for the culinary section, it is coordinated by chef Marcos Gutiérrez, confirming that at the fair several of the best restaurants in Fuerteventura will have their stand, offering delicious tapas based on local products.

This second Paladea La Oliva will be located with the area of ​​Morro Francisco (access from the Juan Carlos I roundabout), next to the exit area of ​​the race, a spectacular location to start the tour in the direction of the volcanoes of Corralejo.

The Councilor for Sports Gleiber Carreño, said that "Fuertebike continues to grow in participation and organizational quality", while the Councilor for Tourism, Marcelino Umpiérrez, added that "the City Council this year collaborates with the organization of the race to continue publicizing the municipality of La Oliva as a sports tourism destination ».

The City Council of La Oliva, the Caima Fuerteventura Handball Club and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club today released the joint poster of Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019 and the Paladea La Oliva fair in Corralejo, and announced upcoming actions to continue promoting the event.

Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019

With over a thousand registrations, Acua Water Park Fuertebike will be the biggest mountain bike race in the Canary Islands this year. The race is held on Saturday, September 7, with attractions beyond sports, such as the Paladea La Oliva fair, and already preparing the arrival of participants from all over the Canary Islands, who will enjoy two 45 and 80 km routes. through the incomparable natural landscapes of the municipality of La Oliva.

Presenting on this occasion the nickname of the “Desert Challenge”, the participants have responded once again to the call of Fuertebike, motivated by the attractions of the race, such as the incomparable volcanic landscapes, cliffs and tracks by the sea of ​​the municipality of La Oliva, or the two programmed modalities, Half Marathon (45 Km.) And Marathon (82 Km.).

In addition, the test is federated and valid for the official circuit, which will attract Fuerteventura to the best mountain bikers in the Canary Islands.

On behalf of the co-organizing club of the sports event, Columbus Runner Fuer, Sergio Reyes highly valued the growth of registrations, especially in terms of female participation, which has increased to 10%. We maintain a high number of participants from Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, as usual, and we have also grown up in competitors registered from Tenerife, and cyclists from the peninsula also start arriving. We are very satisfied".

Security Coordination

The increase in the number of registrations has led the organization to prepare in advance the safety and emergency device, with the aim of improving coordination in traffic cuts, and also increasing the effective means, vehicles and health services. In this regard, the race will feature four ambulances and a fast intervention vehicle this year.



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